How to Grow Mushrooms in the Indoors

Knowing how to plant mushrooms will allow you to have an almost limitless supply of oyster mushrooms for your dinner table. You can raise oyster mushrooms in other media than wood. Straw and sawdust are more convenient than logs. Read more now on

The oyster mushroom is similar to an oyster, and it has a long culinary and medicinal tradition. In Chinese medicine dating back to three thousand years, oyster mushrooms are used as a tonic for the immune system. Ergothioneine, an antioxidant of exceptional power that protects cells, is found in oyster mushrooms. The antioxidant levels remain the same even if the oyster mushrooms are cooked. It has been shown that the mushrooms also possess antibacterial properties. Oyster mushroom contains significant amounts of potassium, iron and zinc, vitamin C and calcium, niacin and phosphorus, and vitamins B1 andB2. According to the study, eating oyster mushrooms helps meet suggested dietary needs.

Pesticides and other chemicals are added to commercially prepared mushrooms in order to enhance their appearance and extend the shelf life. The presence of harmful chemicals can shorten your life, even though mushrooms are good for you. What is the solution? Discover how to grow mushrooms and reap the benefits.

Prepare for your quest on how to plant mushrooms

You will need to gather two small milk cartons or cardboard boxes for filling with sawdust; two cups of coffee grounds or whole grain wheat flour; and spawn from oyster mushrooms. You can use straw instead of sawdust if it isn’t available.

If you prefer, you can start with a mushroom kit. However, if starting from scratch is what you desire, oyster mushrooms will give you the best chance of success over other varieties. There are dozens of oyster mushroom varieties. You can ask your supplier which one is best for you. The majority of oyster mushrooms are found in areas where temperatures range from 55 to 65 degrees F.

Learn how to plant mushrooms by following these steps.

How to plant mushrooms is not difficult to do. In fact, it’s easy to understand. You don’t have to be a genius to grow mushrooms.

Cut the boxes to an even height. Punch several small holes in the side of each box or carton (not as tiny as a pin)

Sterilizing the sawdust will kill any spawn that has been pre-inoculated. Sterilize the sawdust if you’re using it fresh. You can microwave, steam or boil the sawdust. After sterilizing the sawdust, you can remove the heat and cover it. Allow it to cool down at room temperature, then proceed with the next step. You can also use a microwave. To do this, you will need a bowl that is microwave safe and the sawdust or flour/coffee grounds. Pour enough water in the bowl to make it look like a sponge. The organisms will be killed when the water starts to boil. It may be necessary to repeat this procedure in the microwave to eliminate all your sawdust.

Wet the sawdust with non-chlorinated distilled water. Make sure it’s completely wet. Blend your spores in carefully.

Pack the damp sawdust firmly into the cartons or boxes and store them in the basement, garage or dark cabinets, lockers or cellars. Wrap plastic under the container, and then cover it with plastic. Spray some cooking oil on top to catch any insects.

In a few months, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Harvesting mushrooms is easy if you twist them gently.

It can also be a great family activity that benefits everyone in the end.

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