Installing a Wooden Fence: What you need to know

It is important to consult your neighbours before constructing a fence. This will not only prevent any conflicts but also let your neighbors know if there are anything hidden under the house. You may want to be careful when you dig holes for posts because there could be cables or pipes. You should check the local Travis Fencing after you’ve spoken with your neighbor to ensure there aren’t any hidden rules.

You can now proceed to the next stage.

Calculate the number of panels and posts required for your area. Consider the length and dimensions of each fence panel. You will need to trim one panel if the dimensions do not equal the number of panels. It is common for gardens to have this problem, but you should always make sure the panel being cut is at the corner. Check the fence style you want to use if you have to make a cut to accommodate the dimensions of your garden. Certain fences are only partially cuttable, while others cannot be.

Always ensure that corner posts go in first when installing posts. This will provide a line of reference and eliminate any possibility for misalignment and uneven construction.

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