Offshore Plastic Surgery: Where to go and what you need to know

A report published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in 2005 clearly debunked traveling to other countries for cosmetic surgery. One would not be wise to travel abroad for plastic surgery addiction without doing the necessary research. Maybe the ASPS statements are only providing information that can be used to determine the cost-savings or risk of medical tourism. The context is given below.

The growth of cosmetic surgery tourism over the past ten years has been driven by its affordability. Many companies offer cosmetic surgery vacations that are all inclusive. You can find them easily on the internet. Most of these offers include private hospitals and tout medical personnel who are “highly qualified” and have “credentials”. The price, which is lower in cosmetic surgery packages than it would be for a single procedure in the United States, is the main selling point.

ASPS disapproves of cosmetic surgery as a result of its price. They are all working together to resolve the medical cost crisis. The goal of the society is to create less-invasive and cheaper techniques. However, U.S. U.S. cosmetic surgeons cannot compete in price with those from Central, South and Asia America.

ASPS cautions about the possible complications, poor results and health risks that could occur. Society warns it can be hard to evaluate the credentials and training of doctors outside the United States. Cosmetic surgery holidays can expose patients to unnecessary risk by choosing unqualified surgeons and having their procedures done in unaccredited medical facilities.

Jeff Schult writes in Beauty from Afar that “A patient with sufficient research would be very unlikely to wind up in a situation like this, but one needs to mentally prepare themselves to stop the procedure if they have serious doubts, even at the cost of travel.

Before going abroad for cosmetic surgery, it is best to speak with your personal doctor. You can also do extensive research, and ask for personal opinions from people who have had medical treatments outside of the country. Internet is a great tool for patients to find medical tourism sites with their surgeon profile. Many medical tourism agencies provide a profile of the surgeon that patients can check and verify by chat, voice call or email. You should also look for medical tourism providers who offer clinics equipped with the latest surgical technology and high quality facilities. The patient can then be confident in the results of their operation.

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