Self Storage Facility Selection

A self storage unit is useful for a variety of reasons. It could be that you’re between homes, and are staying in a guest house or at friends. For a short time, you might have to downsize and not want to give up your furniture. Then again, when there is more space available in the future, buying new stuff will be much easier. If you’re a person with too many possessions and limited storage, it could also be because of a lack of space.

What ever your purpose, you’ll need to be able to find a facility for self storage that fits your needs. These are some things you should consider.

2) How much room do you need for your furniture?

Self storage units come in many different sizes. The small size storage unit can be as large as five by ten, or the equivalent of one bedroom, when packed tightly. The self-storage size of 10 by 10 is also common. It can accommodate the contents a 2-bedroom home or apartment. These units can also be found in garages, which are ideal for larger residences and/or cars.

When you know how much room you will need, ask first the storage facilities what units sizes are available. Then, eliminate those facilities which don’t provide the unit size that you are looking for.

The storage unit will be needed for how long?

If you’re looking for a storage unit, consider how long you intend to keep your items. In the case of storing your items only for a period of 1-2 months, it is important to consider rates and contractual terms. The amenities that are offered at each self-storage facility may have a greater impact on your choice if you’re planning to rent a unit for long term.

What is most important for you in a car?

If you want to find a storage facility, you should first decide what you will give up and what you need. You may be on a strict budget and price could play a big role in your decision. Some people work odd hours and may need self-storage units that do not close down every night at 8. The location is something that most people will not negotiate, especially given the high cost of gas.

If the price is a monthly special rate, does it apply to all future rates?

Storage facilities often offer moving-in deals to lure potential clients. It is their goal to have you sign before shopping. Keep this in mind and do not let anyone trick you. Find out how long the moving-in offer will last as well as the price of the regular rates. Comparing regular prices and specials is important if you are planning to rent the unit longer than three months.

5) How big is the deposit?

Some self storage facilities require a deposit. As you compare the price of different units, make sure to find out how much deposit each facility requires and under what conditions it can be refunded after the move.

6) When can I leave?

If you are not planning to move your items out of storage until a few months, then you should know the facility’s policies before signing anything. The majority of self-storage spaces are rented on a per-month basis. This means you have the option to move out at any given time. You’ll usually need to give the facility notice 30 days ahead of time.

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