Window blinds: history and types

They come in so many colors and types of material. Today they can be used as a privacy screen, to block out the sunlight or even for keeping warm air in during colder season. On plantation shutters stuart fl you can learn more.

Evidence suggests that window blinds have been used by ancient civilizations. They have the exact same purpose, even though they may look differently.

The people of the desert cover their glass with damp cloths. To cool their houses, they used wet towels to cover the windows and keep out light. Blinds are used to give a feeling of privacy by the ancient Egyptians as well as Chinese.

Chinese use bamboos while Egyptians string reeds together. Bamboos continue to be used for the manufacture of blinds. Many Asian countries use bamboo blinds.

Venetian shutters were said to come from Persia. Venetian traders traveled to Paris, Venice and other cities with the blinds. This is why these two countries have been credited with the invention of Venetian shades.

During 1950s the Venetians blinds used metal slats 2″ wide, and fabric strips to suspend them. Fabric strips lower, raise, and adjust the angle of the metal lattices.

It was well known that these ‘new blinds’ were noisy and did not add much aesthetic value to a space. The metal slats in 1980 were then replaced with vinyl slats measuring one inch. Vinyl slats have been the choice of blinds for many years because of their ease of manufacture.

The number of types of window shades available is vast. There are many different types of window blinds available today.

Bamboo Blinds
Bamboo blinds are used and are then woven together with reeds, natural grasses, and rattan. These blinds give off a relaxed, inviting feel to any space.

You should choose bamboo blinds for an oriental look in your office or at home. They are also eco-friendly.

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